The hydrafacial has been specifically designed to offer a 360 approach to skin health and wellbeing. It harness the power to deeply cleanse the skin and provide all the necessary hydration. It works on a topical and cellular level to deliver results and combat acne skin issues, dehydration, dull and loose skin in just one session. It is also suitable for use on the eye and the lip area. 

Enli-10 Hydra Facial
10 steps to glowing skin makes the Enli-10 Hydra-facial our most popular facial treatment.
Includes Hydrodermabrasion cleanse, electric extraction, AHA rapid rejuvenation skin peel, LED phototherapy to kill bacteria, rejuvenate and heal the skin, pressotherapy for lymphatic drainage around the eye, jawline sculpting, tightening and brightening of the eyes, peptide rich sheet mask which is infused using ultrasound, cool infusion therapy reduces inflammation and finally oxyjet therapy hydrates and soothes the skin

Hormonal imbalances during pregnancy can cause many skin concerns including flare ups, pigmentation and dehydration. Our hydra-natal uses only pregnancy safe modalities including hydradermabrasion cleanse, enzymatic peel, peptide rich sheet mask, cool infusion therapy and oxyjet therapy to revive the skin.

Hydrate Facial
An express hydrafacial which will hydrate, brighten and smooth the skin, incorporating hydrodermabrasion, and enzymatic peel, electrical blackhead extractions, LED to destroy bacteria and oxyjet therapy for optimal product infusion.

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