Stretch Marks

What are Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks are quiet simply the result of your skin being tugged and stretched. Stretch Marks or 'Striae Distensae' are fine scars caused by tearing in the living layer if skin or 'The Dermis'. It is within the dermis that our skin produces collagen and elastin fibres giving it a firmer, younger appearance. The tearing is caused when the skin is stretched rapidly to the point of breakdown and the underlying structure of the skin is unable to reform quickly enough to support the area of skin under tension. This is when the striae start to show through our visible layer of skin or 'The Epidermis'. What causes Stretch Marks? Stretch Marks can occur for a number of reasons; if you have ever carried a baby, experienced a change in weight or even transitioning through puberty. Some skin types are more susceptible than others. They usually form on the stomach, thighs, hips, lower back, breasts and upper arms. They often manifest as reddish, purple striae and may be slightly indented. Over time they tend to fade into shiny white/silver marks. Things to consider The oilier or younger the skin, the more elastic it is naturally so the skin's response to treatment is quicker because it needs less elastic proteins to repair. Drier and less elastic skin may need more long-term treatment. What can be done to help? Stretch Marks may never be completely eliminated in some case but we have seen in clinical practice that we can make them look a lot better. The topical I have undergone intensive and extensive training to find the best solution for these worries and I've also researched some home treatments and remedies as I know the 'in clinic' treatments may not be within everyone's budget. Dry Tattooing This is the most precise form of collagen induction therapy which restructures scars and stretch marks so that they are smoother. It is a tattooing procedure without any pigment or ink. This blood brings nutrients, oxygen and growth hormones, essentially new life to the damaged skin to the skin. Is a natural method that helps to relax, fill and fade scars, stretch marks, can improve skin discoloration and texture. Treatment times can be surprisingly quick, and numbing cream is used before and during the treatment, so pain is not something you need to worry about. Stretch Mark treatments starts at £150 and you can read more about the treatment here;

RegimA Scar Repair Complex This is a super strength formula which accelerates wound healing, promotes balanced collagen synthesis and can help to prevent and treat stretch marks. It should be massaged on the to desired area morning and night. It is safe to use during pregnancy and breast feeding and also beneficial to use when dieting. There's 3 different sizes available our store here;

Supplements Increasing your collagen intake is key to making your stretch marks less visible over time. After all, damaged collagen is what's ultimately responsible for the occurrence of your stretch marks. I'm a huge fan of Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Boost. The skin elixir contains more than six-billion naturally occurring prebiotics and probiotics, to balance boost skin vitality. Natural Remedies Beautiful Bone Broth This recipe will make 3 litres and you can use any bones you like to make this broth and it is super delicious. It can be batch cooked and frozen and makes a great stock for soups, stews and other recipes. You will need 1 large chicken or 2 kg of bones (beef, ribs, oxtail, neck bones, whatever you can get your hands on) Place bones, water and vinegar in a large pot and allow to sit. If you have some bones have a lot of meat you could roast them before adding them to the pot, it will help bring out flavour. Add carrot and celery making sure ensure there is enough water to cover. Place on hob or in a slow cooker. The longer you can leave it to simmer, the better. It will bring out the nutrients. Ideally simmer for 5 hours and in the last 30 minutes of cooking throw in the herbs and seasoning.

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